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Hi, I'm Lucas and I like pop punk and pizza, but I love Naruto; Space, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tenacious D, Breaking Bad, Science, Medicine, Mythology (Greek, Nordic, and otherwise), Theology (but I'm not religious), video games, (mostly RPGs and MMOs) Supernatural and Magic: The Gathering. Oh and I'm 18, I live outside Pittsburgh. I'm tall and lanky, I have a beautiful girlfriend, Erin, who I love very much, oh and I'm a big nerd, LOTR 4lyfe! If you like any of those things follow me, okay bye.
TL;DR: I'm a nerd and I love anime and science, bitch!


the lord of the rings triology

What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.

—(via quirkygrl22)


| 日向ヒナタ |


Got a small color base form Broooolyyyyy~

Broly collection so far: LSS Gashapon, Restrained SS1 Gashapon, SS3 HSCF bootleg, and from the Chouzoukei series, color base form Broly, black and white base form Broly, and black and white restrained SS1 Broly.

Super Villains by



r.i.p in peace, son gohan u_u